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July 22, 2014 in Agriculture, Projects, Roots International, Scott Montgomery by Roots International

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*Thanks to everyone’s interest, support, and generous donations we are now at 33% of our goal as of July 20th!*



I am Scott Montgomery, founder of a US based NGO, Roots International, Inc. You can read more about why an accountant would move from rural Virginia to South Sudan here. I have created this fundraiser as I begin my second year serving in South Sudan, which you can read more about below.

Currently Scott is managing a demonstration farm located within the grounds of the Chrisco Church of Yei here in Yei, South Sudan. Also this year, Roots International is implementing a program to introduce ox plowing to the community. In 2013 we received generous donations to allow us to purchase the oxen, and they have begun plowing within the demonstration farm. We are in the process of securing funding for these programs and necessary equipment, however, first we need to find support to continue our founder’s stay here in Yei, South Sudan.

To date Scott has contributed, personally, over $20,000 to this work. In 2012 he flew to Africa leaving behind everything which would not fit in two suitcases and one carryon bag. In 2013 he sourced all items necessary for this work including a 4wd vehicle and mechanics tools, a home office and all office equipment, farming tools and seeds, and other household items. Below are the requirements for Scott to live in South Sudan another year.

scott yearly budget gogetfunding

Christmas 2013 in Yei, South Sudan

Christmas 2013 in Yei, South Sudan








Rest assured your donation will have a large impact. In addition to the agriculture work which Scott founded in Yei, he also has a wider impact to the community. Scott has an affinity for children and enjoys spending time with them and supporting their development. During the last quarter of 2013 Scott lived with four girls ages 10-16 and their elder brother of 18 years. With his help of providing food and a stable household they were able to focus more on their education. The children are now living nearby with their new, caring stepmother and are doing very well.

Julie with toy truck

Julie with toy truck

Julie's fall 2013 report card

Julie’s fall 2013 report card









Please share the page with others and contribute what you can afford here, in a number of ways on our website, or to any other worthy cause. If you are specifically interested in supporting work in war affected areas of South Sudan, consider supporting the work that Nonviolent Peaceforce is doing within UNMIS civilian protection sites and in remote areas of South Sudan.

Thank you for your support,

Scott Montgomery
Roots International, Inc.