Help save Edward’s vision!

October 22, 2013 in Agriculture, Projects, Roots International by Roots International

Edward with his wife Katty and oldest daughter, Cinderella

Two years ago Edward Opio, his wife Katty, and their seven children relocated from their home of Lira, Uganda to Yei, South Sudan. Edward had previously worked in South Sudan, as a carpenter, building most of the nation’s first churches with Samaritan’s Purse.  Eventually he decided to leave his home and return (this time with the entire family) to help grow the Chrisco Church of Yei as well as the world’s newest nation.  Edward also managed to bring along two oxen which he had already trained for plowing farmland.

Edward Opio donated the bulls to the church with a vision of providing a means for the church to support itself and to provide work for its youth members.  However, due to pressing financial needs of maintaining the church and school, it was decided to sell the oxen.  Unfortunately there is no local market for trained oxen, so they would be slaughtered for meat as ordinary cattle.  See the bulls in action here.

When Edward explained the situation to us, he was very disappointed that the bulls would be lost without fulfilling their potential and his vision.  Rather than allow the oxen to be sold as meat, we would like to instead sell them piece by piece (not literally) to anyone with a heart of developing agriculture in South Sudan.  Your support will allow both the church to meet its needs and allow the bulls to feed a hundredfold over the course of their career with Roots International!


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