Tick learns a lesson 4.22.13

April 22, 2013 in Scott Montgomery

Anyone who is friends with me on facebook has probably seen a picture of my three year old neighbor named Tick. And as some of you know when I first met Tick he would stand shyly behind the gate to their plot and watch me. As small as Tick is he is a bit hard to miss due to having a high energy level, curiosity of a cat, and a big (by proportion) necklace on at all times.

Tick and I think alike, which is helpful since until a week ago we didn’t share a single word in common. I am slowly learning some Arabic, but Tick has only been learning a local language called Dinka. About a week ago he finally began calling me kawarga (white man in Arabic) due to overhearing everyone else calling me that. I always greet Tick and if I have some spare minutes than we play cars, listen to music, or play with my compass.

On Saturday there were many kids outside and one of them had a cheap, plastic ball so I started kicking it around with them. Naturally it went in the puddle of water a few times and by the fourth time Tick decided instead of retrieving the ball he would just play with it in the water instead. After kicking the ball, running in and out of the puddle, and trying to put his sandals back on while they floated around on top of the water, he was pretty well soaked. After his mom punished him for getting his new clothes wet (I hadn’t see his outfit before); I left also to do something else to do to stay out of trouble.

This morning it began pouring rain at about 5 AM and didn’t let up until around noon. I walked to breakfast nearby and I saw a small thing wrapped in a towel in the middle of the path ahead. Then the towel shifted and I could tell by the shorts it was Tick. When I got over to him he had the most miserable look on his face. I could tell by the South Sudan pound rolled up in his hand (worth about .25 USD) that his mom sent him to the store, but he was stranded because the water had flooded a ditch blocking the path. Once I lifted him across I could tell he didn’t like the water anymore. Between being rained on all morning and also the cold weather (I don’t think it was more than 65 degrees) he had learned a lesson.

Flooded Path

We listened to Peter Tosh’s track “Pick myself up” (from the Bush Doctor CD) on my Iphone on the way to the store and back (since we wouldn’t be able to cross without me). That only cheered him up a little bit before we parted ways as I turned back to go to breakfast.

4/22/13 Juba, South Sudan